Initiatives of member clubs



  • NoizeMaschin is the Artifactory’s series of experimental audio and video gigs. It’s a great opportunity for experimental musical artists and bands to preform at a licensed venue.
  • Offers musicians and sound artists the chance to to apply for a three month residency at The Artifactory Hackerspace, designed to promote collaborative relationships between hackers and builders, and musical performers in Perth.



Significant and Interesting works created at member clubs.

CWA Cookbook

The Country Women’s Association Cookbook is an Australian icon. Practical recipes beautify photographed this premiere collaborate work showcases Australian creative talent, now in it’s 17th edition.

Midland Mends Shed – Sculptures erected at the Swan Christian School

A series of sculptures, currently being installed in a local school my Midland Men’s Shed.

The big Gallery of things  and projects…

We are still cataloguing art, craft and assorted creation from over 500 members in the member organisations, till then check out the Member Clubs section for galleries specific to clubs.