The MPC is for people with an interest in machinery that is worthy of preservation and displaying to the public, and the MPC is a member of the National Historical Machinery Association, which is the governing body for like minded Clubs in Australia.





Correspondence: PO Box 1471 Midland WA 6936
Tel/Fax: (08) 9458 5435


The Sunday group are working on their own engines and assisting with club projects. There is always a BBQ lunch on the go, if you would care to join them.


The Club was formed in Perth Western Australia in 1982 by a small group of men who met in their private homes to share their common interest in old machinery. As the group grew in numbers and ambition a series of alternative venues were sought and tried. Finally, in 1996 the Club was offered a permanent home in part of the Midland Railway Workshops 20 km east of Perth center, which had been closed down in 1994. The Club holds monthly meetings (1st Wednesday of the month 8.00 pm – all welcome!) at which there is normally a guest speaker (on all range of topics) plus monthly committee meetings. On Tuesdays and Sundays various members meet at the Workshops to work on specific projects.

The aims, of the Club but not necessarily the only function is to preserve, restore, or rebuild to new or near new condition, to tidy, clean up or make safe and operating, any item of plant or farm machinery, automotive or marine objects thought to be worthy of displaying to the public. The Club is a member of the National Historical Machinery Association which is the governing body for like minded Clubs in Australia.

The Tuesday group have restored some of the old machines from the Old Railway Workshops to create a nucleus of a machine shop to be finally included in the Rail Heritage Centre. This machine shop housed in a temporary building is being used by the Club as the Club workshop where it is presently restoring several engines donated by Mullewa Shire Council. Club members also use the workshop for working on there own engines. The restored machines in the workshop are being used for machining replacement parts for members and Club engines.

In addition to restoring engines at the workshops some Club members have taken on the restoration of a Ruston 10HRE diesel engine permanently situated at New Norcia. New Norcia is a historic monastery town 100km north of Perth